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We are a team of dedicated professionals who have been actively engaged in Market from more than a decade and have not only seen but lived different stages of Market thoroughly. We have our own unique observations and strategies for both trading and investing. We teach the art of selecting right stocks for trading and investment to create enormous wealth. Behind the scenes, the art of selecting right stocks include science to analyze Market Movements and Trading securities behavior. We also teach the science of analysis stocks based on our own unique methodological approach.

So, come and learn the art of selecting right stocks for trading and investment through own unique methodological approach.

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Hello Vijay Sir, First of all so sorry for late feedback. Just after our workshop my all family was down with corona. God Grace all ok now. Hence was not able to do anything except all your 3 workshops.😊. You are the best teacher for wealth creation and understanding financial market in true sense, who not only gives rock solid foundation but enables to teach oneself forever in the life. Though I come from highly engineering and technical world but never seen person like you with such a strong and crystal clear concepts, with full of experience and wisdom…. we all always aspire for that. …… it’s the most cherished relationships to get associated with Vijay wealth. Due to my job, I used to travel 2-3 weeks every month around the world so hardly get time to even know about the market, completely unknown about the ABCD of it. In Feb this year, someone taken my money and lost in the market, about 3 lakhs. Then I decided to actually get into this assuming it must be interesting science and psychological game. And you made the entire subject the best thing to study in the life after engineering. One more event that surprised and pushed me in this, when Maruti declared that they earned more than selling cars through investment in the market during the last year lockdown. That given some idea about how future company should be build to more sustainable and employee friendly in terms of financial security. As you used to say, profit and and loss does not matter (desired result should be byproduct) … with your help and experiential learning, I am enjoying every bit of it. So just starting … miles to go before …🍷💐. Thank you so much for your dedicated and energetic efforts to enable all of us on your own. Thank you so much 🙏🙏. Wish you all the success and happiness in the life!


Hello sir, Jusr read your article and came across the line "if you find meaningful,let us know" and writing this message.M not kind of a regular investor I normally add 4 to 5k per month and take small quantity evry month(of course same stocks which are suggested by you).I have not joined your prive or study group channels yet(definetly i want to but only then wen I gathered enough amount to play) so its not case that I am praising you because I have made lot of money here with your channel and all.When I started market I have joined lot of channel as every new comer do(still m new in market though😅)but now the only channel which I seriously follow is yours.I invest only once or twice in a month but read your evry view and comment daily.Its not for the sake of invest but I enjoy your way of trading and specially behaving against the market.You are not like tons of other who came at 8pm night and give so big lecture How market behave tommorow.U mostly active and aggressive in market hours and after that your eveningdose which I like most😊.I know you come across many people every day so this is not big deal for you whatevwr I am saying but when I am going to take market seriously and have enough amount to take risk you are going to be my first mentor for sure.😊


After being part of your class .. One thing which I definitely learned is - “stock market is not a satta bazaar “ Here profit or earning is possible with the technical and logic which u have taught in the webinar to the students . All these years I was trying to earn profit with luck by chance or got losses coz of mistake . I think logic is come in market with money ,technical and logic then u will get profit for a retailer Only money se you won’t profit . Ab now going ahead one this is sure that I won’t do mistake like I did in past many many years . Thanks a ton sir for the sessions and Learning’s you provide .


Sir,I started active trading since December 2020....I got yr name from my colleague.... He suggested me just tke calls from Vijay Wealth Advisor n invest.... When you will be in 2% profit, sell out....I followed this nearly 2 months....I got handsome profit of 28k..... Then I became curious to know more abt market.... Saw a lot of videos on YouTube.... Studied n prepared my own strategy for positional trading....I always use it & almost 80% trades r successful with this strategy.... Then I became more curious...To learn why & when prices go up n come down.... So I joined yr webinar n got real knack through Maribozu candle...I acquired more knowledge through study group n yr guidance on group time to time.... Sir, people charge 2k to 3k only for giving calls for month..... People may get profit through these calls bt can't understand the logic behind such calls.... Bt u are the only one who give calls free of cost....I m working in Government... So I could not get enough time for trading.... Then also I trade setting an alert, stoploss n target....I know I m backbencher bt I m very much Happy that I know "how market works" bcoz of u only....I incurred good loss too .... Bt I m sure that I can recover loss n come in profit... Sir,I don't think that anyone will be teaching "how market works".... This is a treasure I got by u which will never end.... n nowahead, I don't need any other mentor....I m confident now abt trading... U r literally a Guru for me....I know that it took years for you to acquire such deep knowledge.... Bt I got it by paying meagre amount of "Gurudaxina"...Sir, I do job in Shirdi...I will be honoured if I may help you for darshan whenever conditions will be good n smooth... Regards.... Om Sai Ram🙏🏻🙏🏻


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